Beard Brush

Just like the hair on your head needs to be brushed to help make that flaxen waxen look its best, so too does your chin wig need a little tender loving care to help it lay flat, style correctly, and give your face the proper framing. There is no excuse for a ratty beard. You might be sporting just a basic winter growth for warmth or you could be working with an award-winning piece of facial hair. Either way, you must keep it in line with a beard brush or it shall become matted and home to untold rodents and vermin.

The benefits of brushing your beard are to help keep it stimulated, since stimulated hair follicles are healthy follicles, and to move oil across it. It is also so that your beard is clean and well-managed, making it look better. Adding in a proper beard oil can also moisturize the hair, turning it from a hideous soup-catcher into a touchably soft accessory that begs to have fingers run through it. A bad beard is worse than no beard at all, and every true bearder knows what a serious accusation that is. Keep your facial fuzz clean and attractive with one of the 6 best beard brushes around.

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