Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool – Clear Template Guide for Edging Beards and Goatees – Also Ideal Haircut Template for Sideburns and Hairline – Built-in-Comb

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Tired of looking like you shaved and trimmed in the dark?

Bad beard lines happen to good people far too often .

Even if you have a very steady hand, it can be hard to see just where to put the razor or trimmer when you’re working along your neckline and the top line of your beard. You think everything is perfectly straight, but then you step back and–NOPE!

The good news is that there is a simple, highly effective way to ensure that your beard looks picture perfect every time you groom! The Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool is the answer.

Constructed out of high quality plastic, the Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool is a beard edging solution that will help you look your best. Just place the beard template against your cheek or your neck and let its flat edge guide you as you move the razor or trimmer. You won’t have to guess and worry that you’re making straight lines; this beard tool will let you shave or cut with confidence!

Unlike other beard guide tools on the market today, the Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool is completely transparent. You can clearly see your facial hair through the beard edging tool, helping you get better results. And to make our beard template even handier, we built a beard comb right into its design, so you can neaten and straighten with a single beard tool.

Not just for beards, the Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool can be used for haircut shaping as well. With our beard template, you can say goodbye to crooked sideburns and uneven hairlines for good. The durable plastic beard guide will stand the test of time and last through countless uses.

Make the other bearded gentlemen wonder just how you keep your beard so straight with the best beard template on Amazon! Order the Mr Rugged Beard Shaping Tool now.
PERFECTLY STRAIGHT EDGES EVERY TIME With this beard tool, you won’t have those sloppy, jagged borders along your neck and the top of your beard. This guide makes is so much easier to shave and trim
NOT JUST FOR BEARDS You can use this beard guide when you’re cutting sideburns or your hairline
GET A CLEAR VIEW Other shaving & haircut shaping tools are made from opaque plastic, so you can’t see your hair while you work. Mr Rugged’s is transparent to help you get better results
COMB & SHAPE WITH ONE TOOL We built a comb into our beard template, so you don’t have to reach for another tool when you’re grooming
IDEAL FOR ALL BEARDS Whether your facial hair is coarse or fine, long or short, well-kept or wild and wooly, this beard edging guide will work for you!

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